A Home - An Adventure - A Dance

Its a fun feeling when you wake up and the floor you are dancing across you suddenly realize is your own along with every scratch, bump and stain. That wall that you just drove a dozen nails into is your wall and you are allowed to put in a dozen more holes if you so choose. No pet deposits for those muddy miniature horses making a disaster out of your living room and no one to tell you to turn your music down. Well, maybe not that because a lot of folks are still within close proximity that this particular ownership freedom does not apply.

If you can purchase your own spot in the world it certainly can be an oasis of your own making and I would highly recommend doing so. I don’t mean go spend a ton of money on what you think your supposed to live in to achieve some modicum of social standing - I mean find a permanent vacation spot that is yours.
Not to expensive - just the right size for upkeep and location location location but for a personal retreat not because you want to temporarily own it and sell it later to move on to another spot that again costs way to much and is nothing more than a trophy structure.

Make your own Oasis - Retreat from the World - Place to relax and be loved - Place to practice your artistic creativity on the walls then change your mind a hundred times and a spot for all those pesky creatures we call pets. Then you can tackle the rest of life knowing …
The floor you are dancing across is your own.

PS - only some of this applies if you are in the business of flipping homes as a business. - that is another adventure all itself and can be pretty darn rewarding for the DIY spirit.

Photo courtesy of Justin Elliott

Photo courtesy of Justin Elliott