Moving can be both a Horrible Hell and a Therapeutic Cleansing simultaneously.

Things No One Tells You About Moving House

Good Read from Life with Lynette LOL

When we decided back in March that we were going to move, I had no IDEA what the reality of it would actually be. ….Read the Post

My Own personal experience with Moving went like this

1.- Wait What ? we have to move no way…. I am to old for this.

2.- Jesus I need boxes

3.- oh man the animals, what are we going to do with them and chickens wth am I going to do with chickens.

4.- I need boxes and tape

5.- How did I accumulate so much crap

6.- I need boxes and tape and what am I going to put this platter in

7.- I ran out of boxes, I can’t move, I need bubble wrap and who is going to move all this stuff.

8.- Back is out - lay on the bed depressed for two days

9.- OMG i ran out of boxes again ( because I have a really bad back and have to pack in very small boxes
Note to Self: - Never move again or invest in cardboard ).

10.- I ran out of tape where did all this crap come from and how much do movers cost?

11.- Kids would you like some of mom’s stuff? … what no? … why not its cool stuff. ok can you help me move? I hated to ask them.

12.- almost done …. time for storage shed … 1 then 2 ….. then shite 3

13.- only a couple loads left …. yea no two days and 18 loads later my life is in a cumulative 30x40 box

14.- Oh and carefully pack the storage shed regardless of who is griping because they want to HURRY UP and unload… first in… last out… stack it as high as it can safely go.

15.- I resolve to SELL EVERYTHING when I get moved and put the money in an account.

I will say this if you know you have to move and you are the organized person in a relationship
I want you to A: acquire more boxes then you think is humanly possible to pile in a room and B: allow for at least 3-4 days for the other person in your life to wake up and decide to move, because they will, right at the end, when your storage shed is full and you have no more boxes, people to help or tape and you couldn’t lift another thing. - That is when they spring it on you.

Seriously though all renters should always have a contingency plan called a “moving” account. You will need to pay for Movers, Supplies, Storage Sheds, Gas, Helpers, Vehicle Rentals, Locks etc.

Handy Items:
Small Boxes at least 40-50+ - pack them light. (I used 83 *3 china hutches, lots of glass and books)
Medium Boxes at least 15 - save these for big and bulky
Packing tape: 20 Rolls and the red tear grippers
Packing Paper - that stuff beats newspapers any day (and i would know used them both)
- get at least 12 packages
Ziplock XXL bags - great for blankets.
Rolls of Bubble Wrap - I like the Giant Orange Roll large bubble size / great for Hutch Glass Wrapping
and Roll of smaller Green small bubble for fragile small glass items.
most importantly…. HIRE MOVERS — Great Place in the DFW Area - you can do labor only or with a truck.
I used a company called A+ Moving Services - They really came through and did a marvelous job.
I am so very thankful for them. —- and when I have to move again they will get my call.

Most of all be sure to save up money and have that contingency plan in place because as a renter you just never know when you are going to be SHOCKED and DISMAYED because you have to move. ( even though as a renter we know its inevitable as Death and Taxes ).

Good luck with your own moving adventures and stay healthy ~TS