Wi O Wi wifi blues in the country rant

I want someone somewhere to make a product called WI O WI wifi for country dwellers.

We are subject to a very limited number of carriers (sometimes none) in rural areas. The carriers we can use are overloaded, expensive and usually just plain suck. We usually have to resort to using our mobile phones as a hotspot just to try to get any work or surfing done. The carriers are of course on to this and plans really clamp down unless you shell out a lot of cookie dough.

After reading and searching around for ways to jerryrig rural internet I have come up empty. I don’t want to try something illegal and I certainly don’t want to throw away super limited income to test a product that doesn’t clearly state - just plug this in - you don’t need a router - it will provide internet to you - the cost is exactly this per month.

In a nutshell - The search continues for affordable internet access in rural areas. - suggestions, comments and information are welcome by anyone who has run across something.that might be worth checking out and if i ever run across any options i will post them here.

- I will say I am impressed with how little data usage World of Warcraft consumes when playing. That said, would someone please just make something we can use and not charge a gazillion dollars for it.

Photo by  Andrew Neel  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash