Brads is so darn Handy

Here is what you do ….

Go to (not an affiliate link..just a way to get there fast)

once there click on the Search upper right .. enter what you are looking for.

I personally typed Kitchenaid - the next page will show you interesting deals going on…

but the fun part is at the top there is a blue square that says “Create Alert for Kitchenaid”.



once you do you will be asked to enter your email - then poof… anytime fun deals pop up for said “search term here” .. they will let you know.

I have found some of the best deals - they do the work and have coupons.

So check out Brad’s deals it really is a very Handy Service.

and … I adore

Ebates (this is a special link) - so thank you in advance if you utilize it.

and Retailmenot is super handy - just a link to get there

I have definitely made out like a bandit with shopping using just those two.