Dentist is a 7 letter word

I always hated going to the dentist. I still am not a fan but I did find a great crew.

The billing office is wonderful to work with and the dentists in the office are ALL really really good. I have to say it - finding a administrative and doctoring that are both great is terribly hard to find. I won’t mince words here - I will change in a heartbeat if they mess up the billing or the dentist is a crapshoot. Well Now if you are in the North Texas Area and you need a great denistis office I recommend Comfort Dental. * Saturdays - late nights - Great Staff - Afforable and lovely doctors.! you can’t beat it.

Trip down "memory" lane...

That moment you stumble across that folder on an old hard drive ( miraculously still working ) .

I remember when I had a shiny new big square suitcase called a monitor and a fashionably speedy operating system WINDows 95. I also had a copy of photoshop and boy was it an adventure. I made dozens of crazy looking pieces that husband kindly called “my easter eggs”.

Flash forward some 15 years and poof magic there was a folder on an old drive called easter eggs full of my psd files and what memories. I still to this day love photoshop all though it seems like it was simpler to use back in the day.

Time to go play and I hope anyone reading this has a lovely day-night etc.


Wi O Wi wifi blues in the country rant

I want someone somewhere to make a product called WI O WI wifi for country dwellers.

We are subject to a very limited number of carriers (sometimes none) in rural areas. The carriers we can use are overloaded, expensive and usually just plain suck. We usually have to resort to using our mobile phones as a hotspot just to try to get any work or surfing done. The carriers are of course on to this and plans really clamp down unless you shell out a lot of cookie dough.

After reading and searching around for ways to jerryrig rural internet I have come up empty. I don’t want to try something illegal and I certainly don’t want to throw away super limited income to test a product that doesn’t clearly state - just plug this in - you don’t need a router - it will provide internet to you - the cost is exactly this per month.

In a nutshell - The search continues for affordable internet access in rural areas. - suggestions, comments and information are welcome by anyone who has run across something.that might be worth checking out and if i ever run across any options i will post them here.

- I will say I am impressed with how little data usage World of Warcraft consumes when playing. That said, would someone please just make something we can use and not charge a gazillion dollars for it.

Photo by  Andrew Neel  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Time Management

Just when you think you have your garbage together … it falls out of the bag.

Steve Dotto held a webinar Wednesday about using Google Calendar.

I tried it today … completely did not work like I needed it to. The webinar was good though and if you don’t know who Steve Dotto is look him up on Youtube. Lots of helpful tidbits right there.

Steve Dotto - Youtube - Dottotech. Love this guy.

Cheers ~TS Elliott

Photo by  Jon Tyson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Brads is so darn Handy

Here is what you do ….

Go to (not an affiliate link..just a way to get there fast)

once there click on the Search upper right .. enter what you are looking for.

I personally typed Kitchenaid - the next page will show you interesting deals going on…

but the fun part is at the top there is a blue square that says “Create Alert for Kitchenaid”.



once you do you will be asked to enter your email - then poof… anytime fun deals pop up for said “search term here” .. they will let you know.

I have found some of the best deals - they do the work and have coupons.

So check out Brad’s deals it really is a very Handy Service.

and … I adore

Ebates (this is a special link) - so thank you in advance if you utilize it.

and Retailmenot is super handy - just a link to get there

I have definitely made out like a bandit with shopping using just those two.


A mix of Halloween and Fall design.

This #Falloween setting caught my eye so i am placing it here so as not to lose track of it.

Facebook: Bead Bait Jewelry - Diana White

Facebook: Bead Bait Jewelry - Diana White


The theme for today is apparently Wait Wut…….

That sidetracked moment when someone is talking to you and you realize a few minutes into the talking that you didn’t hear a word they said.

They of course then say something that catches your attention and you lead with Wait .. what?

When that occurs more than 3 times in two hours … you probably should take a nap, wake up and try again.

Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash